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    Patent protection is vital for companies wishing to safeguard themselves in the fierce competition that reigns in a given market. Today, the give and take of market shares is controlled by those who understand how best to protect their technological progress through the establishment and enforcement of carefully selected IP rights.

    Patents are often the backbone of the overall company IP strategy forming the platform upon which innovative companies base their research and development in the quest for novel technologies.

    From the outset, all new research should be considered from a commercial and strategic IP perspective. A number of parameters need to be taken into consideration. Markets. Geography. Competitor activity. Patent protection is about finding the exact right balance. Obtaining the right and having the freedom to exploit an invention in the context of competitor rights are equally important.

    We guide our clients through the complex regulations governing patent prosecution worldwide. We have direct representation before the Danish, the Swedish, the Icelandic, the European and the international patent authorities. This means that the in-house competence that we build in relation to the technologies of our clients becomes invaluable and ensures that the prosecution of applications in different jurisdictions is consistent.

    Budde Schou holds expert knowledge within the patent area, including utility models and Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs), and therefore knows how to provide first rate custom-tailored advice to the highly diversified group of clients that we represent.

    We have many years' experience in the establishment and enforcement of patent rights and in furthering the business interests of our clients through a well-defined patent strategy or an overall IP strategy.

    We act as technical co-counsel in close cooperation with leading law firms in Denmark as well as abroad in connection with patent litigation based on either preliminary injunction, infringement or invalidity issues.

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