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    IP Litigation

    The fierce competition in many innovative markets quite naturally leads to conflicts - often involving IP rights. Sometimes, competitors overstep each other's marks - and infringement issues arise.

    When a company launches new products, there may be a need for a professional evaluation of whether IP rights are being infringed upon - and, similarly, whether the rights invoked are valid.

    Based on the IP landscape which we help depict, our clients are enabled to make informed decisions on potential enforcement and become conscious of their own legal status.

    IP rights are an invaluable instrument for controlling the borders delimiting the business areas and technologies of rival companies. Whether you wish to enforce your own rights or you believe that rights belonging to others were granted erroneously, a number of options are available with a view to solving the conflicts.

    Budde Schou has many years' experience in the handling of IP litigation. We  provide expert advice acting as co-counsel to leading law firms in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and internationally in connection with preliminary injunctions, infringement and invalidity proceedings.

    Feel free to contact us for a discussion of any conflicts that you may be facing with a view to uncovering the best possible solution.