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    Henriette A. Damsgaard

    Patent Attorneys

    Henriette A. Damsgaard
    COO / Patent Attorney (EPI) / Partner
    Tlf.: +45 7025 0900

    Education: M.Sc. (Biology), University of Copenhagen, Ph.D. (plant molecular biology), University of Copenhagen in collaboration with Risoe National Laboratory, Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, Copenhagen Business School.

    Technical expertise: Biotechnology, molecular biology, plant biology, plant pathology and microbiology.

    General background: European Patent Attorney. Diploma in Patent Litigation in Europe. With Budde Schou A/S since 2005. COO since 2018.

    IP qualifications: Expert advice, assistance and prosecution in relation to applications for patent, utility model and supplementary protection certificate (SPC) worldwide. IP Due Diligence surveys, Freedom to Operate analyses. Assistance in patent litigation based on infringement and other patent related conflicts.

    Memberships: ADIPA (Association of Danish Intellectual Property Attorneys), FIR (Danish Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property), EPI

    Publications: "Hybridization between oilseed rape (Brassica napus) and different populations and species of Raphanus." Ammitzbøll, H.A. and Jørgensen, R.B.: Environmental Biosafety Research 5: 3-13, 2006.

    "Anti-. microbial flavonoid 3-deoxyanthocyanidins in Sorghum bicolor", chapter 6: "The Role of Phenols in Plant Defense" Pedersen, M. J.; Ammitzbøll, H.; Mattsson, O.; Duus, J. Ø. and Nicholson, R. L.: Phenolic compound Biochemistry. Springer Netherlands, pp 211-234, 2006.

    "Environmental effects of transgene expression on hybrid fitness - a case study on oilseed rape." Ammitzbøll, H.A.; Mikkelsen, T. and Jørgensen, R.B.: Environmental Biosafety Research 4: 3-12, 2005.

    "Inclusions of flavonoid 3-deoxyanthocyanidins in Sorghum bicolor self-organize into spherical structures." Nielsen, K.A.; Gottfredsen, C.H.; Buch-Pedersen, M.J.; Ammitzbøll, H. ; Mattsson, O. ; Duus, J.Ø. and Nicholson, R.L.: Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 65: 187-196 (2005).

    "Gene introgression and consequences in Brassica." Jørgensen, R.B.; Ammitzbøll, H.; Hansen, L.B.; Johannesen, M.; Andersen, B.; Hauser, T.P.: Introgression from Genetically Modified Plants into Wild Relatives (eds. Nijs H.C.M., Bartsch D. and Sweet J.): 253-262. CABI publishing, UK, 2004.

    "A review on interspecific gene flow from oilseed rape to wild relatives." Chèvre, A.M.; Ammitzbøll, H.; Breckling, B.; Dietz-Pfeilstetter, A.; Frédérique Eber, F.; BER; Fargue, A.; Gomez-Campo, C.; Jenczewsk, E.; Jørgensen, R.B.; Lavigne, C.; Meier, M.S.; Nijs, H.; Pascher, K.; Seguin-Swartz, G.; Sweet, J.; Steward C.N. and Warwick, S.: "Introgression from Genetically Modified Plants into wild relatives and its consequences" (eds. Nijs H., Bartsch D. and J. Sweet): 235-251, CABI publishing, UK, 2004.

    "Transient expression of a vacuolar peroxidase increases susceptibility of epidermal barley cells to powdery mildew" Kristensen, B.K.; Ammitzbøll, H.; Rasmussen, S.K.; Nielsen, K.A.,. Molecular Plant Pathology 2001 2, 311-317.

    Languages: English and German.