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    Britt Rosendahl Hansen

    Patent Attorneys

    Britt Rosendahl Hansen
    Patent Attorney
    Tlf.: +45 7025 0900

    Education: M.Sc. in Physics, Copenhagen University, Ph.D. in Physics, Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

    Technical expertise: Physics, especially mechanics, magnetism and material science, as well as software.

    General IP background: Patent Attorney. Former researcher at DTU. With Budde Schou A/S since 2018.

    IP qualifications: Expert advice, assistance and prosecution in relation to applications for patent and utility model worldwide. Infringement opinions, patentability analyses as well as IP Due Diligence and Freedom-to-operate analyses.

    Memberships: ADIPA (Association of Danish Intellectual Property Attorneys) and FIR (Danish Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property).

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    "Bose-Einstein Condensation of S=1Nickel Spin Degrees of Freedom in NiCl_2-4SC(NH_2)_2", V. S. Zapf et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 96 077204 (2006).

    "Uniform magnetic excitations in nanoparticles", S. Mørup and B. R. Hansen, Phys. Rev. B 72 024418 (2005)

    Languages: English