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    Technology / Software / Business Methods

    Our Mechanics Patent Team handles all thinkable aspects of patent-related matters mainly within the fields of

    • all electrotechnical sciences, mechanical and apparatus engineering
    • medical device technology, pulp packaging technology, beverage dispensing technology
    • energy technology, thermodynamics
    • acoustics and audiology, digital electronics, algorithms, filtres and signal processing
    • IT and telecommunications, patent software development, data technology
    • optical sciences, spectroscopy, laser, vacuum and plasma technologies

    Our team presently counts 7 Patent Attorneys and 5 patent administrators who are all highly qualified and experienced in patent prosecution, IP litigation and translation.

    Read more about the background and skills of our Patent Attorneys within this field:

    Leif Rørbøl                            Brian Jeppesen     Bo Tonnesen
    Alfredo Zolin Jan Sørensen            

    For more information, please contact

    Brian Jeppesen

    Brian Jeppesen

    Alfredo Zolin