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    Biotech / Chemistry

    Our Biotech Patent Team handles all thinkable aspects of patent-related matters mainly within the fields of

    • organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, biophysical chemistry
    • molecular biology, plant biology, plant pathology and microbiology
    • Biotechnology, biochemistry, gene technology
    • Biomedicine, pharmaceuticals, bioinformatics
    • Human physiology, immunology, enzyme technology, food technology
    • Plant protection

    Our team currently counts 4 Patent Attorneys and 2 patent administrators who are all highly qualified and experienced in patent prosecution, IP litigation and translation.

    Read more about the background and skills of our Patent Attorneys within this field:

    Steen Wadskov-Hansen       Henriette A. Damsgaard  
    Henrik Ørsnes Ida Holst Bekker-Jensen


    For more information on our services, please contact

    Steen Wadskov-Hansen

    Henriette A. Damsgaard