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    BUDDE SCHOU goes back a long way - the key dates of our company history are as follows:

    2017: Henriette Damsgaard and Brian Jeppesen become co-owners/shareholders in succession of Leif Rørbøl.

    2010: Budde Schou AB is established in Sweden.

    2008: The company forms a strategic alliance with the Swedish consulting company Medical Patent AB - now Nordic Patent Analyzer.

    2007: The company shortens its name from Budde, Schou & Ostenfeld A/S to Budde Schou A/S at the same time taking on a new visual identity.

    2006: Steen Wadskov-Hansen becomes co-owner/shareholder in succession of Bent Kjerrumgaard.

    2001: The company celebrates its 100th anniversary (1901-2001).

    1999: Merger between Budde, Schou & Co A/S (Dansk Patent Kontor) and Ostenfeld Patentbureau A/S. The company is named Budde, Schou & Ostenfeld A/S and is managed by M.Sc. Leif Rørbøl and M.Sc. Bent Kjerrumgaard.

    1991: Merger between Budde, Schou & Co A/S and Dansk Patent Kontor (founded in 1898).

    1937: Th. Ostenfeld Patentbureau A/S is founded by M.Sc. Th. Ostenfeld.

    1908: Budde, Schou & Co merges with Kjøbenhavns Patent-bureau (founded 1892).

    1901: Budde, Schou & Co is founded by M.Sc. Carl Budde, M.Sc. Cecil Wilhelm Schou and LL.M. Viggo Blom.

    1892: Kjøbenhavns Patentbureau is founded.