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    Business areas

    • Legal and technical advice and assistance within the entire IP area
    • Drafting and filing of applications for patent, utility model, trademark and design worldwide
    • Prosecution of pending applications before the Danish, the Swedish, the Icelandic, the European and the international patent authorities
    • Prosecution of applications for EU trademarks before the European trademark authority
    • Assistance as co-counsel/technical experts to attorneys-at-law in litigation based on patents, utility models, trademarks, designs and domain names
    • Validity Opinions and assistance in oppositions and litigation based on the validity of IP rights
    • Infringement Opinions and assistance in litigation based on infringement of IP rights
    • IP Due Diligence evaluations and Freedom to Operate analyses
    • Prior Art Searches and permanent watches on intellectual property rights worldwide
    • Renewals: patents, trademarks and designs

    • Assistance in licence negotiations

    • Assistance in the registration of domain names