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    Budde Schou Group consists of Budde Schou International A/S and Budde Schou A/S in Denmark and Budde Schou AB and Nordic Patent Analyzer in Sweden.

    Budde Schou is one of Scandinavia's oldest and most respected full-service firms of IP Attorneys.  We hold extensive expertise within all aspects of IP and provide IP advice and consultancy services to a our many national and international clients.

    At Budde Schou, we base our advice on experienced IP consultants - Patent Attorneys, Trademark Attorneys and Attorneys-at-Law - who all have a scientific or legal background combined with knowledge of and experience in the handling of IP rights.

    Nordic Patent Analyzer conducts specialized patent information searches within all technical fields. We specialize in retrieving and analyzing information from a large number of professional databases, using also our proprietary software tool PatentTracer.

    The services of Nordic Patent Analyzer are provided by experienced information specialists who have a scientific background and extensive technical understanding coupled with experience in establishing search strategies and performing searches.